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Choosing Healthy Eating Patterns For Life

Over 200 Unhealthy Fad Diets on the Market Today

A Few Healthy Fad Diets Contribute to a Lifestyle Change Forever

If you were to look up fad diets you may be shocked to find out that there are over 200 fad diets. Some of these diets are proven to help you lose extra pounds while increasing your health and help you keep the weight off. These few good diet plans involve lifestyle changes.

All the other fad diets do help you reach your targeted weight loss goal, however, they are not healthy diets and once you stop your chosen fad diet you most likely regain your weight surpassing your highest weight.

Two diets or lifestyle changes that many people are finding great success in reaching weight loss goals are the Ketogenic Diet and the low carb diet. Either one of these diets can be forever eating plans that change your life forever. You always follow these eating plans for life. Both eating plans are simple to understand and simpler to follow.


The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This diet has a few different variations. In a nutshell, this diet follows a rotation eating plan of low-carbohydrates, high-fat, cycling between both.

Most follow a very low carb intake of 50 gms or less per day. This is done so your body can burn fat for energy. Normally your body burns glucose for energy.

Five to six days per week you follow the ketogenic diet. For the last one to two days you follow a higher carb diet which refeeds your body glucose that it lost during the ketogenic days.

This type of eating is popular among weight lifters who want muscle growth and better exercise routines.


What is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling keto is not the same as the traditional ketogenic diet. On this eating pattern, you cut your carbs on certain days of the week and increase the carbs on other days. For example, you eat low carbs four to six days a week and the other days you take in increased carbs. This diet does not deplete your carbs as much as the ketogenic diet does.

Following a low carb diet does help you lose weight, gives you energy for sports workouts, and helps to grow new muscle.


Examples of a Ketogenic Diet

Follow a pattern of five days keto and consume less than 50 gms carbs per day, one to two days higher carbs.

Some foods include eggs, cheese, avocado, dairy products, nuts, seeds, kinds of nut butter, fatty meats, and coconut oil. You should eat at least 20 percent of your calories while your carbs are under 10 percent. When you increase carbs on the remaining one to two days make sure you eat at least 70 percent of your calories in carbs and 15-20 percent in protein. Fat content should be about 10 percent of your calories.

Here is a great video that we found on youtube that gives you the top 10 foods you could include in your keto diet:


Healthy and Unhealthy Carbs

Carb intake must be from healthy food sources such as butternut squash, oats, quinoa, lentils, brown rice, beans, whole wheat, and more. These are not empty carbs as found in white bread, white flour, and white sugar. Always avoid foods and beverages high in sugar and sugar alternatives like fructose.


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