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Tasty Soup Do’s and Don’ts

Soup is the perfect meal for those cold days when you need something that will warm you up from within. Cooking delicious soup is as fun and eating it. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you prepare the perfect soup even if you are not an expert.

  • Chop your vegetables according to spoon size. This will make your soup easy to eat.
  • Cook your veggies. Aromatic vegetables, like onions and garlic, need to be sautéed first before they are added to the soup. This will help them release their delicious flavors.
  • Consider the cooking time of each ingredient. Your vegetables soup will contain a lot of ingredients. Think about their cooking time so that some of them don’t overcook.
  • If you are using canned ingredients or stock, you may want to wait until the end to season your soup. Add your salt and pepper according to preference. You can also add some spices and herbs for a unique taste.
  • Don’t boil your food. It is best to simmer your vegetables and meat. When you boil your soup, your ingredients might become overcooked.
  • If you are adding tomatoes to your soup, keep them until the end. Adding them at the beginning will keep your veggies crunchy.
  • If you want to add noodles to your soup, don’t cook them separately. Add your pasta or noodles as the final ingredient so that they can absorb the flavor from the soup. If you are planning to freeze your soup, don’t add the noodles. Wait until it is thawed when you are getting ready for the next meal, and then cook your noodles.
  • You can add cream or milk to give your soup more consistency. Make sure that your cream is warm to prevent curdling. Milk doesn’t react well to boiling, so you can add it as a final ingredient after you’ve removed your soup from heat.
  • Don’t ignore the garnish. After you’ve cooked your soup, you can add some grated Parmesan, some chopped fresh herbs or croutons.

These easy tips will help you present the best soup dish. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different and special ingredients. Every experiment is a chance to learn something new.

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